Personal Vehicle Armor Kits

Road Rage PackageNot everyone needs or can afford a fully armored vehicle. For our customers who only need protection from most handgun threats up to a .44 magnum handgun, we have developed vehicle armor kits for such applications. Our Vehicle Armor Kit consists of the following: A full set of our Curved Bullet Resistant Vehicle Glass to replace all of your vehicle’s existing glass. Flexible Kevlar Vehicle Armor Panels for all the side doors, rear quarter panels and rear of the vehicle. Finally, a set of our Run Flat Tire Inserts to make sure that you can keep moving even if all of your vehicles tires are shot out. Our Vehicle Armor Kit comes in two levels of protection: the first is a NIJ level II kit for protection from handguns such as .22, .38, .9mm, and .357 magnum. The second level of protection is a NIJ level IIIA kit that offers the added protection for handguns up to .44 magnum.

We provide several types of Armored Vehicle Kits, starting with our low cost Road Rage Protection Package for protection against “Smash & Grab” crime, physical assaults, attempted kidnappings and other such attacks. This system offers a level of protection that would be adequate for most everyday drivers and is priced accordingly!

For customers needing a higher level of protection, there is the Armored Vehicle Kit that provides handgun protection from .9 MM, .357, and .44 Magnum handguns and lesser threats. These kits are designed for most passenger vehicles or SUVs. Each Armor Kit comes with installation instructions, and can be shipped direct to your door. These kits have many advantages: low cost, lightweight, easy to install, and offers people seeking to armor their own vehicle a one stop source for the needed products.

Our Armored Vehicle Kits consist of the following:

  1. Flex-Pro Armor Panels, for all doors and side walls. [Thermoformable] Flex-Pro Armor composites are readily cut and fabricated using commonly available tools a [saber saw with a knife blade will easily cut the panels] the cut panels can then be installed in a vehicle using glue, rivets, screws, or nuts & bolts with washers. Butt joints are ballistically weak; reinforce them with a min. 4″ wide strip of the same level of armor to cover any gaps in the panels.
  2. A Full set of Curved Bullet Resistant Vehicle Glass, please note that our vehicle glass is not just flat sheet Bullet Resistant that goes behind your existing glass, BUT is replaced with our curved Glass that matches your original vehicles glass. Finished vehicle will look stock!.
  3. A Set of [4] Run Flat Tire Inserts: Drive a min. of 30 miles at 30 mph with all 4 of your tires flat. Protection from: road debris, potholes, air leaks, to ballistics.
  4. Installation Instructions.

Vehicle Kit Options:
Vehicle Floor Fragmentation / Bomb Blanket Protection
Flex-Pro 50″x 41″ Armor Panels for Roof

Each Armor Kit comes with installation instructions, and can be shipped direct to your door.

Vehicle Armor Kits have many advantages: low cost, lightweight, easy to install. They offer fleet vehicle users, armored vehicle builders and others seeking to armor their own vehicles a one-stop source for these products.

Another consideration for our Armor Kits is that some countries have prohibited the importation of armored passenger vehicles or add exorbitant import duties or taxes, some as high as 70% of the vehicle cost! Pricing is from around $14,000.00 and up depending on the vehicle and level of protection. Some vehicles may cost more. Pricing and sales for 2009 to 2018  year vehicles years only!

However, for our customers that require a higher level of protection from weapons such as assault rifles, we do offer fully armored vehicles. Pricing starts at around $85,000.00 and up  for full vehicle armoring , plus the cost of the vehicle.

Please note: specifications and information listed on this page are subject to change without notice. Price quotations and invoices will list current updated specifications and information, if any.