Bullet Resistant Vests

    Bullet Resistant VestsFor 25 years, police officers have survived life-threatening attacks due to bullet-resistant body armor. Unfortunately, during those same 25 years, attacks on citizens have increased, as have serious injuries and fatalities. The time has come for citizens to protect themselves from the dangers faced daily. The Bulldog Direct Protective Series of body armor is designed especially for people who may be exposed to dangerous high risk situations. Manufactured with Allied Signal’s Spectra Shield armor, the Protector series body armor will help you survive the many dangers of living in today’s society. Occupational dangers are most obvious: store owners, clerks, taxi drivers, bank tellers, delivery service couriers, private security personnel, firefighters, doctors and ambulance drivers; virtually anyone can become the target of sudden violence. Situational dangers occur daily: do you drive your vehicle in dangerous places where car-jackings might occur? Have there been break-ins in your residential or business neighborhood? Are you planning a trip to a dangerous area or city? If so, there is a protector for you! Be safe, Order today!