Saferoom Products

Fiberglass for Wall PanelsFor the hardening of government buildings, court houses, schools, banks, military installations, nuclear power plants and residential safe room construction. Our Steel Armor Plate and Fiberglass Ballistic Armor Panels would be the most cost effective products for this application, due to their low cost and superior ballistic protection. These panels also add strength and stability, especially if your need is for the added protection from bomb blasts or heavy assault rifle attacks. Our Kevlar Armor Panels, Flex-Pro thermoformable Armor Panels, in a standalone lay up work well for curved applications, such as judge’s benches, speaker podiums, or desks. Dyneema and Spectra Shield Ballistic Panels are also well suited for when lightweight ballistic protection is needed for assault rifle protection. Typically, their use in such applications would be limited to special situations, due to the higher cost, limited sizes, and thickness. View ballistic levels here.

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