Our Products in Action

    Armored Tractor-Trailer

    The above photo is from one of our customer’s fleet of 27 fully armored tractor-trailers. These armored trucks are on the road 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    2003 Peacekeeper II

    Rodgard Run Flat Tire Inserts by Bulldog Direct Protective Systems Inc.
    are standard OEM equipment on the 2003 Peacekeeper II™.
    Drive a minimum of 30 miles at 30 mph with all four of your tires flat!

    Do they work?

    One of our large customers (an armored vehicle manufacturer in Canada) was pleased to inform us that our Run Flat Tire Inserts were the only thing that had saved their customer’s life.

    Their customer was in a motorcade consisting of two fully armored vehicles, one was a decoy vehicle, plus two lead cars (fully armored bodyguard vehicles) and two follow cars (also fully armored bodyguard vehicles). You know the type of motorcade we’re talking about – black suburbans, and guys with sunglasses that shoot back! The motorcade was traveling in Russia and came under heavy automatic rifle and rocket propelled grenade attack. The main armored vehicle took several rifle rounds and a direct hit with a rocket propelled grenade. All four tires went flat immediately. Our Run Flat Tire Inserts allowed the badly damaged armored vehicle to get out of the kill zone and transfer the unhurt customer to the backup decoy vehicle and go, and we do mean go! Needless to say, the new replacement vehicle also has our Run Flat Tire Inserts!

    When the Military Installation at Fort Knox, Kentucky needed special bullet resistant glass, Bulldog Direct was the only source that could meet their special requirements.

    Bulldog Direct has also provided other U.S. Military installations in the USA and overseas with our Bullet Resistant Glass protection.

    Both the Georgia Bureau of Investigations Hostage Rescue Team and the Cobb County Georgia SWAT Team use our Flat Sheet Bullet Resistant Glass in their Armored Response Vehicles.

    A few years back, the Georgia Bureau of Investigations Armored Response Vehicle came under heavy rifle fire from a barricaded suspect using a .30-06. The Armored Response Vehicle took two direct hits to each front window, with no penetration into the vehicle.

    The Georgia Bureau of Investigation now keeps a few extra sets of our Bullet Resistant Glass on hand … just in case!

    Firetruck with Impact Resistant Glass

    When former Governor Mike Foster of the State of Louisiana (USA) asked on a radio talk show for suggestions on how to help New Yorkers in the aftermath of the events of September 11, 2001, one caller suggested that the State should fund the construction of a custom-designed fire truck to help replenish the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) fleet. The job of building a ‘pumper’ fire truck to FDNY’s specifications went to local firm Ferrara Fire Apparatus Inc. of Holden, Louisiana, a custom manufacturer of fire apparatus. Ferrara Fire Apparatus Inc. contacted us at Bulldog Direct Protective Systems Inc. for help with their glass needs, to protect the dedicated firefighters from projectiles or flying debris that could hit the pumper’s cab area. Please see related story in: DuPont’s Laminated Glass News.