Switchable Electric Glass

Switchable Electric GlassSwitchable Electric GlassBulldog Direct’s new Switchable Electric Glass System. How would you like the ability to instantly change your glass from clear to opaque with the flip of a switch?

Need privacy without the inconvenience of dust-collecting curtains and blinds? Bulldog Direct’s new Switchable Electric Glass system is the high-tech, high-end solution. At the flip of a switch, Bulldog Direct’s Switchable Electric Glass changes from nearly opaque (translucent) to transparent.

Architects can incorporate Bulldog Direct’s Switchable Electric Glass into their designs for walls, windows, and doors in offices and homes.

Switchable Electric Glass adds instant privacy and a “wow” factor to every architectural design. They are customizable and can be manufactured in different colors, sizes. Available for all of our Bullet Resistant Glass Systems. They are produced on flexible substrates to accommodate curved surfaces if needed.

Our customers have already started incorporating our Switchable Electric Glass into high-end appliances, store front windows, safe rooms, teller stations, fast food carry out and liquors stores. A revolutionary new concept in personal security, with a flip of a switch a retail business with employees at harm can instantly become invisible to would be attackers.

Our standard Switchable Electric Glass is 1/4″ non ballistic glass. We can add this process to any of our bullet resistant glass systems at an additional cost.

Our advantages include:

Flexibility – Sunlight Readability – Durability – Fast response time – Brightness and Color – Polarizer-free – Reflectivity – Thin – Lightweight – Low Power