Self-Sealing Fuel Tanks

    Bulldog Explosion-Proof / Self Sealing Fuel Tank System

    Self-Sealing Fuel Tank

    One of most vulnerable parts of a vehicle when under attack is the fuel tank. Armored vehicle manufacturers and some end users have in the past protected the fuel tank with heavy steel armor plate, and or wrapping the tank in ballistic nylon or Kevlar. Bulldog Direct has the answer with our new Self-Sealing Fuel Tank System: Vehicles equipped with Bulldog’s Armor Tank have a greater chance of survival.

    Bulldog Direct has the capabilities to convert the fuel tank of any vehicle into an armored tank. The safe tank is composed of a variety of materials that protect the vehicle and its passengers from the dangerous effects of an explosion, or fragmentation from a blast:

    Armor Tank Features:
    Flame Retardant Coating
    Self Sealing Polymeric Foam
    Insulating Foam
    Kevlar or Dyneema Ballistic WrapSelf-Sealing Fuel Tank
    Internal Open Cell Foam

    Pick Your Protection:
    Explosion Proof
    Self Sealing
    Explosion Proof and Self Sealing

    Armor Tank Heat Blocking:
    The outer flame retardant layer is essential to heat resistance. The valuable layer resists heat damage along with chemicals and fuel. The flame retardant outer coating can be added upon request.

    Armor Tank Fire Screen:
    Self-Sealing Fuel Tank

    The explosive-proof Armor Tanks are filled with flexible open cell polyurethane foam, which allows constant fuel flow with minimal fuel displacement. The foam is passive, as well as an interconnecting matrix that consumes capacity of the tank minimizing:
    Ignition by gunfire
    Electrical and explosives

    Slosh attenuation
    Vapor explosion

    Field repair patch kit available for larger puncture areas.
    Provides vibration and acoustic damping.
    Thermal insulation.
    Adds structural integrity.
    Applicable to both metal and plastic surfaces.
    Provides superior corrosion and abrasion protection.
    Tenacious adhesion for long-term service.
    Available in various colors.
    Self-sealing polymer. Various ballistic levels available. Blast protection.

    Self Sealing:
    When equipped with the specially developed self sealing outer coating,the fuel tank is protected to the maximum level. If the fuel tank is punctured, shot at, or encounters heavy impacts and attacks, leakage is virtually eliminated. Entry and exit holes seal allowing the fuel to remain inside the tank. This minimizes potential ignition of spilled fuel.

    For Vehicle, Marine, and Aircraft Applications.
    Please note: our application process requires that you send your tank to our factory.
    Please Note: We DO NOT manufacturer fuel tanks, we only coat your existing tank.

    For 2014 to 2024 Year Vehicles Only!

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