Land Mine/Blast Protection: VFI

VFI (Variable Function Insert) is a solid rubber insert that fits securely around a multi-piece, “flat base” rim. The device is inserted into a tubeless tire, which is in turn fitted around the wheel, thus becoming an “assembly” of complimentary components all designed to work together to provide optimum mobility. The Bulldog VFI is also designed to function as both a beadlock and Run Flat, thus providing maximum performance in all terrain conditions. Most importantly, the VFI meets all U.S. military standards, as well as the FINABEL and NATO standards required by most European military agencies making the VFI the most widely used Run Flat in the world.

Simply stated, a Run Flat Device provides continued mobility in the event of partial or complete loss of tire air pressure. Under attack conditions, a Run Flat increases survivability of the vehicle occupants by allowing them to drive safely to a safe location, even if the vehicle’s tires suffer complete air loss from hostile fire. Run Flat Tire inserts are bullet resistant, and offer added countermine protection to the vehicle and its occupants, and allow operations at high speeds as well as sustained mobility over any terrain.This system is normally sold as a complete assembly, consisting of the VFI Run Flat, Tire, and Wheel.

Military, Police, Government pricing and sales only!