Bullet Resistant Glass / Bullet Proof Glass Windows

    Bullet Resistant Glass, Bullet Proof Glass Bullet proof windows
    Glass manufacturing process – Autoclave and Clean Room

    Now available – switchable electric glass!

    Our Bullet Resistant Glass Systems offer you an unparalleled combination of visual clarity and superior attack and ballistic protection, making them the most effective protective glass product available today! We custom fabricate each system to meet your unique specifications and to fit within your budget. Our flat glass systems are fabricated using the latest equipment: high- temperature, computerized slumping and forming ovens. In addition, we use high-pressure autoclaves, vacuum assisted cutting and layout tables. All of our glass systems are assembled under atmosphere-controlled clean-room conditions.

    We can custom-develop systems for a variety of ballistic, forced-entry and impact-resistant applications, including automobiles, aircraft, boats, prisons, guardhouses, courthouses, law enforcement facilitates and retail stores. Our glass laminates can be shaped to fit OEM specs for windshields and other curved surfaces. When Bulldog Direct develops a bullet resistant system, visibility is never compromised for safety. We have found innovative ways, ranging from chemical treatments to advanced materials, to combine visual clarity with superior attack and ballistic protection. And because spalling (the spray of glass fragments on impact) can be as damaging as the threat the glass stopped, we offer a full line of low-spall and no-spall barriers for many applications. Other levels and systems are available, such as laser beam, EMP and blast protection. Tinting and polished edges are available at an extra charge. Available in gray, green, bronze and tints.