Dyneema Armor Panels

DyneemaDyneema 50″x63″ Vehicle Armor Panels are the strongest, lightest, composite ballistic material made today! Dyneema isn’t a woven fabric like most ballistic materials but is instead a thin, flexible ballistic composite made from two layers of unidirectional fibers held in place by flexible resins. These fibers are arranged so they cross each other at 0 and 90 degree angles, then, both fiber and resin layers are sealed between two thin sheets of polyethylene film similar to sarran wrap. Ballistic Protection up to NIJ Level III+.

Due to Dyneema’s lightweight and waterproof design, some ideal armor applications are: vehicle armoring, helicopters, aircraft, and marine use such as boats, ships, border patrol and homeland security vessels. We can custom fabricate our Dyneema Ballistic Panels to your exact specifications. We have state of the art water capabilities, send us your CAD files and we will do the rest. We can custom manufacture kits for boats, ships,vehicles or other such applications.

Dyneema composite armor panels can then be glued in place, or installed with screws, nuts and bolts, etc. Our Dyneema armor panels were tested behind .040 aluminum panels, go to next higher level of protection for stand alone applications.

Please note: specifications and information listed on this page are subject to change without notice. Price quotations and invoices will list current updated specifications and information, if any.

Dyneema Armor Panels
63″x 50″
Threat Level of
Thickness Lbs. per
Sq. Ft.
.9mm, .357 Magnum Handguns
and lesser threats
5/32″ 0.8 Lbs.
.9mm, .357,& ,.44 Magnum Handguns and lesser threats
1.0 Lbs.
.5.56mm 55 gr., 30 cal 180 gr.,308 NATO 150 gr. FMJ and lesser threats
3.3 Lbs.
AK-47 7.62×39 sc M1943 MSC
and lesser threats
N.I.J. III+ .95″ 3.9 Lbs.
5.56 M855 and lesser threats N.I.J. III+ 1-1/2″ 6.00 Lbs

Ballistic Charts.