K-9 Vests

K9 Bullet Resistant VestsFactory Direct Pricing

The Bulldog Direct Protective Series of body armor is designed especially for K-9’s who may be exposed to dangerous high risk situations. The K-9 NIJ level II vest stops the rounds most frequently found on the streets today. More than 10,000 K-9 Vests have been sold throughout the United States in the past ten years. The vest is manufactured with the highest quality ballistic material and comes with a removable nylon outer carrier. The vests are a three piece design with adjustable velcro and elastic straps at the shoulders and girth of the dog.

This lightweight three-piece vest has adjustable velcro and elastic straps which allow it to fit nearly every dog, from a lab to a shepherd. Believe it or not, this vest has been wear tested by K-9’s and the officer/handlers detect no hindrance in performing duties. It is preferred over bulkier, less protective, Level IIA vests. Call for police department testimonials. This incredible vest fits nearly every dog. All others are custom fitted. Get the K-9 vests today to protect the dogs that help protect us.

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