Fiberglass Armor Panels

Fiberglass PanelsOur Fiberglass Ballistic Armor panels are manufactured using multiple layers of fiberglass cloth or woven roving that are bonded together with a preimpregnated resin under heat and pressure to form a ridged bullet resistant/bulletproof Panel. This is the same fiberglass that boats are made from, only with many more layers of the fiberglass cloth used in the process.

What are some common design applications for Bulldog Fiberglass Armor Panels? Bullet resistant panels or sheathing are specified in many design situations. The more common applications include judge’s benches, courtroom protection for the jury area and the witness box, within the woodwork of teller’s cages or counters in banks, as a bullet proof barrier or wall within government buildings, police stations, district attorney’s offices, U.S. Marshals offices, FBI and ATF offices, guard houses, control rooms within prisons, convenience stores, check cashing stores, etc. Bulldog Fiberglass Ballistic Panels are sometimes used within high-end residences to make a “safe room”. Standard sheets sizes are 48″x96″. Other sizes are available: 48”x108″, 48”x120” 36”x96”, x108”, 36”x120” 60”x96”, 60”x108” 60”x120”. Our Bulletproof Fiberglass Armor Panels are a very cost effective product, at a lower cost than Steel Armor Plate and very easy to cut and install.

Please note: specifications and information listed on this page are subject to change without notice. Price quotations and invoices will list current updated specifications and information, if any.

Fiberglass Armor Panels
 Product Threat Thickness Weight
 BD/AC2 .9mm, .357 Magnum Handguns and lesser threats 7/16″ 4.5 lbs per sq.ft.
 BD/AC3 .9mm,, .357, .44 mag Handguns and lesser threats 1/2″ 5.0 lbs per sq.ft.
 BD/AC4 3-shots: .357 ktw , .30 cal M-1, 1-shot 30-06 308 win. and lesser threats 1-3/8″ 13.8 lbs per sq.ft.
 BD/AC5 1-shot: 30 cal- M-1, 30-06.7.62×51 [308], 3-shots: AK-47, 5.56 x45 [223] and lesser threats 1-3/8″ 13.8 lbs per sq.ft.
 BD/AC7 3-shots: 7.62 nato, 30 cal.M-1, 30-06 AK-47 and lesser threats 1-1/8″ 13.8 lbs per sq.ft.
 BD/AC8 5-shots: 7.62 FMJ M-80 Ball and lesser threats 1-1/8″ 14.5 lbs per sq.ft.

Ballistic Charts.