Road Rage Protection Package

Road Rage PackageWith a Road Rage Protected Vehicle:
You can drive a minimum of 30 miles with 4 flat tires. Take repeated blows to window glass with no entry into the vehicle! Protection from small powered handgun rounds for the glassdoors, and tires, and we won’t kill your pocketbook!

Road Rage | Auto -Theft | Drive-by Shootings | Random Acts of Violence

Most people don’t need an armored vehicle with two inch-thick Bullet Resistant Glass, bomb proof floors, roof, or 1/2″ steel armor plate in the doors. Full vehicle armoring can add 2-3 thousand extra pounds of weight to your existing vehicle, at a cost starting at around $75,000.00.

Bulldog Direct has designed a vehicle protection package that we call our Road Rage Protection Package. We take the best parts of an armored vehicle: protection of the glassdoors, and tires. 13mm LTA Vehicle Glass to replace all of your side door glass, Kevlar Armor Panels for the side doors, and a set of our Run Flat Tire Inserts. This system offers a level of protection that would be adequate for most everyday drivers and is priced accordingly! Pricing starts at around $4,500.00. Bulldog Direct’s Road Rage Protection Package only adds about 100 pounds added weight to your existing vehicle.

Bulldog Direct’s Road Rage Protection Package has been seen on numerous TV programs, in Newsweek Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, Cincinnati Magazine to name a few.

Standard “Road Rage Protection Package©:
LTA 13mm Glass for all Side Doors, Vents, & Qtrs.
One set of Run Flat Tire Inserts [4] rims.
NIJ Level II Flexible Armor Panels for Side Doors.

Due to the lamination process of bonding to OEM Vehicle Glass:
Windshields and backlights are not available as an LTA product!

Pricing and sales for 2009 to 2018  year vehicles years only!

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