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March 28 2023 12 WKRC T.V. CBS on the recent school shooting in Nashville The story is about schools and the need for Bullet Resistant Glass

April 2 2021 KWTX TV Waco Texas Police Vehicle Armor
Live interview on Curved Bullet Resistant Vehicle Glass for Police vehicles. Costs/needs and Installation process.

July 16,2018 Blamfluie Publication
Global Run Flat Tire Insert Market 2018 leading players.

February 25th 2018 MarketWatch Publication. From safe rooms to bullet-resistant glass, architects and school districts are reinventing school buildings.

November 11, 2017 Ch.12 WKRC T.V. Cincinnati,Ohio
Gun Violence:and how citizens can protect themselves from guns and assault rifles .

June,19th, 2015 Ch. 9 WCPO T.V. Cincinnati,Ohio
Police Shooting: “How effective is Body Armor

May/June 2011 Issue of Ground Combat Technology Magazine.
Vehicle Protection Systems
Military Tires Get New Missions

Google Books : 2007
Lexington Books : 2007
The Hummer H-1
Around The World The Unlimited Adventure Myths and Consumer Culture
By Elaine Cardenas and Ellen Gorman.

December, 29 2003: Newsweek Magazine
All I Want for Christmas …
‘Tis the season: Now that soldiers have Internet access and regular mail
service, they may get what they wish for this year

August 21, 2002: DuPont’s Laminated Glass News
Story on our LTA 6mm Vehicle Glass Systems

April 2001 Issue of The Smithsonian Magazine
“We’re In A Jam” page 37

Aug. 15, 1999 Augusta Chronicle, Augusta, Georgia
Story on Workplace Violence / Protection

Oct. 1998 Cincinnati Magazine
Story On “Road Rage Protection Package”

Aug. 9  1998 W.T.V.N. Radio Columbus, Ohio
Interview on “Road Rage Protection Package

Aug. 4, 1998 W.T.V.N. Radio Columbus, Ohio
Interview on “Road Rage Protection Package

Aug. 4 1998 W.S.M.U. Radio Nashua, New Hampshire
Interview on “Road Rage Protection Package

Aug 2, 1998 The Sunday New York Times, magazine section
Story on Road Rage

July 27-28, 1998 Ch. 5 T.V. NBC Cincinnati, Ohio
Two part story on LTA glass systems

Nov. 9, 1997 The Cincinnati Enquirer
A guide to succeeding in small business