Vehicle Floor Fragmentation Blankets

    The Bulldog 12000 Series Vehicle Fragmentation / Bomb Blanket is made with layers of Kevlar woven ballistic fibers stitched together to form a “blanket.” The blanket stays flexible and can be easily fit and formed to vehicle’s floors and engine compartment areas. Kevlar woven ballistic fibers are fireproof and will not burn from DM- 51 Hand Grenades or 1lb pipe bomb blasts. Another advantage of adding our Bulldog 12000 Series Vehicle Fragmentation / Bomb Blankets to your existing vehicle is the added insulation protection from extreme heat and cold conditions.

    With the multiple layers of Kevlar fabric being stitched together rather than being bonded under heat and pressure as our Kevlar, Flex-Pro and Spectra Shield Vehicle Armor Panels are, the Vehicle Fragmentation Blankets are better able to move and flex with a blast impact and/or Fragmentation from DM-51 Hand grenades and or a 1 Lb pipe bomb.

    Only Approx. 3/8″ Thick. and about 3 lbs per sq. ft. Manufactured with “special” finely woven Kevlar ballistic fabric that is designed to be very flexible, thin and easily form to the contours of your vehicle floor plan.