Vehicle Armoring – Bullet

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    Automotive/Vehicle Armoring: Handgun and Assault Rifle Protection

    Handgun Armoring ProcessOur composite armor panels find extensive use in the automotive armor industry. Kevlar Armor Panels, Flex-Pro Thermoformable Armor Panels, Dyneema, and Spectra Shield Ballistic Panels are well suited for this type of application where lightweight ballistic protection is needed. These bulletproof panels are durable, very lightweight and simple to install. In vehicle armoring you add additional weight to the vehicle, so when using these composite ballistic panels added weight is kept to the absolute minimum. Not only will they extend the life of your vehicle’s brakes and suspension, they also reduce maintenance costs and improve overall vehicle performance. No special tools are need for cutting or installation. A disadvantage is that they are not well suited for protection from armor piercing rounds, attacks from IED’s, or blast mitigation.