Titanium / Steel Multi-Hit AK-47 Hard Armor Plate

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    Titanium / Steel Multi-Hit AK-47 Hard Armor Plate

    NIJ Threat Level III

    Bulldog Direct’s Titanium/Steel plates (in conjunction with a Level IIIA Vest) are capable of stopping multiple hits from 7.62mm X 51 mm (.308 caliber) FMJ and lesser threats such as AK-47/Kalashnikov 7.62 X 39 mm (FMJ). With such protection and at 30% less the weight than our competitors steel hard armor plates, our Titanium/Steel Hard Armor Plates are the best valued hard armor plates on the market today. Our Titanium/Steel combination Hard Armor Plates provide all the protection you will find in Threat Level III steel plates, but at about 30% less the weight.

    Standard Features:
    NIJ threat level III
    Single curve
    Multi-hit capability
    Defeats 7.62 mm NATO 148 gr. (.308 caliber) FMJ at 2780 fps
    Front / Back placement

    Size: 8″x10″ [20×25 cm]
    Weight: 4..8 Lbs. [2.2 Kg]
    Thickness: .70″ [1.8Cm]

    Size: 10″x12″ [25×30 cm]
    Weight: 6.2 Lbs. [2.8 Kg]
    Thickness: .25″ [.63Cm]

    These Chest Plates are not available for sale to the general public.
    Pricing and sales are for law enforcement and government agencies only!