Rodgard Product Guide

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    Rodgard Run Flat Tire Insert Product Guide

    The following chart is provided to assist you in the product selection for your vehicle. Using the charts: select a Rodgard Run Flat Tire Insert based on your tire size and profile. The color coding chart is used for the proper selection.
    NOT Recommended for your application: Please contact us.
    Close Fit: Requires Detailed Application Review with our Engineers.
    Best Fit: Optimal Run Flat Performance for standard roads.
    Best Fit: Optimal Run Flat Performance for Rough Off-Road conditions.
    Limited Run Flat PerformancePlease contact us.

    Run Flat Tire Insert Displays Are AvailableMin. order one set: [4] units.
    Distributors, Fleet Vehicle Users, Vehicle Builders, your Inquires are welcome!

    Please note: specifications and information listed on this page are subject to change without notice

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