Polyethylene Ballistic Plate

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    Polyethylene Ballistic Plate

    NIJ Threat Level III
    Single Curve

    An ultra-light rifle plate, the PBP provide excellent protection against high velocity rounds. The PBP is well suited for water (salt water) environments as well as conditions involving heavy vibration. Although this plate is rated NIJ Threat Level III, additional support with a level III-A vest is needed for semi-armor piercing rounds. Protect yourself from high velocity rounds with this incredibly comfortable and ultra-light hard armor plate.

    NIJ Threat level III
    Single curve
    Multi-hit capability
    Front/Back placement

    Size: 10″x12″ [25×30 cm]
    Weight: 3.08 Lbs. [2.2 Kg]
    Thickness: .70″ [1.8Cm]

    These Chest Plates are not available for sale to the general public.
    Pricing and sales are for law enforcement and government agencies only!

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