Modular Vest

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    Modular Vest

    Tired of being limited by other manufacturer’s modular vests? Our design gives the user total control to customize their modular armor system for mission specific operations. The Modular Vest offers full upper torso protection with optional collar and groin protector. Front and rear pockets accept optional 10″ x 12″ strike plates. Our Modular Vest accommodates right- or left-handed personnel easily. The ultimate in modular vest design, our Modular Vest has maximized placement area, allowing total freedom for placement of modular equipment pockets and accessories.

    Standard Features:
    Large modular grid system
    Practically limitless pocket and webbing configuration
    Balanced loads, front and back
    Concealed front and rear plate pockets
    Front zipper opening for rapid access or removal
    Overlapping front panels provide exceptional center mass protection
    Side adjustments to ensure a proper and comfortable fit
    Removable ballistic panels
    Removable rifle butt retention pad
    Dual flex cuff compartments on either shoulder for fast and easy access
    Front and back removable identification
    Excessive wear areas are reinforced to maximize longevity
    Reinforced drag bar
    Attachment system for communication wiring
    Includes four pouches to fit the modular grid system
    Color: All Camouflage, Black, White, Blue, Tan. (others available)

    Optional Features:
    NIJ Level III or IV hard armor plates
    Removable ballistic groin protector
    Permanent/removable ballistic collar protector (can be ordered without collar)
    Optional 1000 denier Cordura® outershell
    Carry bag

    Available in NIJ threat levels II and IIIA

    Plate pocket size (two sizes to choose from)
    8″ x 10″ front and rear pockets
    10″ x 12″ front and rear pockets

    These vests are not available for sale to the general public.
    Pricing and sales are for law enforcement and government agencies only!

    Please note: specifications and information listed on this page are subject to change without notice. Price quotations and invoices will list current updated specifications and information, if any.