Armoring Process

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    Armoring Process

    For most people, the process of armoring your family car is a very mysterious process. Let us explain exactly what is involved.

    After you have selected the vehicle you wish to have armored, the contract has been signed, the payment deposit received, and we have the vehicle at our production facilities, the process begins. The first step is to completely remove the entire interior of the vehicle; the seats, dash, trim, and carpet. The doors and glass are also removed at this time. We then carefully mask the vehicle body to protect it from any damage from our modifications.

    Now the actual armoring process begins, which includes adding opaque armor (steel armor plate and or light weight composites) to all doors, side walls, rear area, roof and the fire wall. This all must be custom cut, fitted, glued, and/or welded to the interior. We also add fragmentation protection to the floor as a steel armor plate and/or a fragmentation blanket. The pillar posts are then armored with steel armor plate overlaps of approx. 2-3” (see photo) to protect the vehicle from projectiles entering from the upper door frames and door openings. The doors, door hinges and pillar post are also reinforced to handle the added weight of the armor.

    We then move on to armoring the gas tank and computer box. Other armoring options for the vehicle are also installed at this time.

    Glass Appearance - Same as Stock!The next step is installing the bullet resistant vehicle glass, which can be from 1” to over 3” thick. Our glass looks just like the original stock glass. [See photo]

    Now, it’s time to reassemble the vehicle. We start by re-installing the doors and checking for fitness and proper closure. The carpet and roof trim are put back into the vehicle. We then have to do some modifications to the door and sidewall trim due to the added thickness of the armor. It may also be necessary to make some custom trim items to accommodate the armor.

    The vehicle then gets the necessary modifications to the brakes and suspension. A set of Run Flat Tire Inserts is also installed at this time. We then do a thorough inspection and test drive.

    Your vehicle is now ready to ship to your final destination worldwide.