Design and Engineering

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Design and EngineeringNEW Armored Vehicle Design and Engineering Services: for companies wishing to get into the armored vehicle manufacturing business, we now offer a complete design, engineering, and manufacturing Service, based at our manufacturing facilities. We offer a program that allows your company to send its staff to our location for hands-on training in the art of vehicle armoring. We start with a standard vehicle and take you through all the steps necessary to armor it, from cutting and fitting the opaque armor to installing the Bullet Resistant Glass. We also offer solutions for vehicle engineering, brakes, suspension upgrades, frame modifications, and ballistic designing for custom applications. We can also cut steel armor plate and other composites for most vehicles. We also provide you with a complete installation manual on the installation process as part of our armoring contract.

Bulldog Direct has partnered with one of the world’s leading vehicle ballistic engineers who has retired from a special U.S. government agency responsible for the transportation of leading dignitaries.

We can also offer onsite consultation of his services on an hourly basis. Please contact us for more information.