Alumina Ceramic Armor

Fiberglass PanelsWe are happy to announce our product, Alumina Ceramic Armor. Ceramic armor has been an integral part in both military and civilian armor systems for years.

When designed into a complete armor system, Ceramic armor utilizes planned material fracture to rob the projectile of energy. This system is, in many cases, more cost-efficient than an all-metal or all-fabric system.

Ultrasonic testing by independent laboratories has confirmed that our Alumina Ceramic Armor is 99.5% more consistent and contains significantly fewer internal defects than competing materials.

We can fabricate virtually any shape energy absorber, which optimizes coverage while minimizing weight. We have expert engineers are ready to assist you when integrating Alumina Ceramic Armor systems into your design. Check here for more information.

Alumina ceramic armor, working in conjunction with an appropriate backing system, can defeat various threats including armor-piercing rounds and IEDs. Typical ceramic composite armor systems, at approximately half the weight, outperform similar steel-based systems. These systems are frequently used in body armor, vehicle armor, and aircraft armor.

How it works:
Conventional steel armor plate defeats an incoming projectile by reducing its kinetic energy through ductile deformation. In a ceramic composite based armor system, a different process is employed. First, the strike face surface causes significant deformation to the projectile, increasing its cross section. Its kinetic energy is reduced as the bullet is fragmentized on shattering the tile’s hard surface. The residual energy of the smaller fragments is absorbed by plastic or elastic deformation within the backing of the armor tile. The ballistic backing sheet is often made of Kevlar, Dyneema, Spectra Shield or Steel Armor Plate.

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